Picking the Correct Chandelier Size for a room

When shopping for lighting options one will find many options in the lighting fixture department. Whether you go to a big box store, shop online, or go straight to a lighting specialty store you will need room dimensions. Take into consideration the room your chandelier is going to be hanging in. Will it be coming down from a vaulted ceiling or will it be in a room with a standard ceiling height? Is the room an open entertaining space or do you have a home that keeps the rooms divided? This is all important because you want to be sure to create an aesthetically pleasing symmetry to your room. A small room would look awkward with an oversized chandelier and a very large room with high ceilings would be underwhelming with a small chandelier. Be sure to bring your room dimensions as well as ceiling height along with you on your shopping trip. Talk to a seasoned professional. Specialists at lighting specialty stores will be able to quickly guide you to the size selection that will do best in your room. From that point you will simply have to decide the design feature and appearance of the chandelier. A general rule of thumb is a smaller room will want a size proportionate chandelier and the same holds true for a larger room. The only flexible sizing in this theory is vaulted ceilings. Depending upon the slope of the vault and the ceiling height, sometimes a larger chandelier will do well in a average sized space that has higher ceilings. If you find yourself needing to supply a lighting fixture to a room with vaulted ceilings it would be wise to take a picture of that space and bring it a long while you search. The visual image will help a lighting associate with determining the proper size for your space.