DIY: Rose Flower Arrangements

The DIY rose flower arrangement can be as simple or as creative as the person putting it together wants it to be and look. First of all, there are different types of roses, large and small, wild or cut from an outdoor bush and there are mini roses that can be grown in a pot. Focusing on cut roses the choices for arrangements are endless from elegant to rustic in appearance.

Arrangement Ideas

• One of the more rustic yet beautiful arrangements can be just large roses without any foliage or other flowers added, but the twist is using a large mason jar or even clear glass vase but in the water using sliced lemons with the rind left on.

• Large or small roses can be placed in any type of vase and then use butterflies with picks on them in a few locations. Other flowers or foliage can be added to this arrangement.

• Using food as a vase is a unique look that goes well with a cookout or even just a kitchen arrangement. A pineapple with the center cut out makes a good vase, a cabbage with the center removed is unique and the same can be done with watermelon or smaller melons. One of the arrangements that can look unique and elegant at the same time is using a glass vase and adding either multi colored grape leaves or rhubarb leaves.

• A more elegant and a basic Victorian look for an arrangement can achieve with deep color roses like red or yellow and add in natural foliage like ferns or bush stems with small berries. Staying within this theme the arrangement can be done in pastel colors of roses.

• Fall and winter arrangements using roses in vases can have pieces of nature added like pussy willow branches, tree branches with fall colored leaves or clippings from a holly bush.

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