Ways To Fix DryWall That Are Simple And Easy

Making repairs in your drywall is not difficult and almost anyone can succeed. One of the most common repairs is from nail holes. When the holes are small they can easily be covered by using a soft cloth to apply small dabs of paint. Medium size holes can be filled with spackle and painted. It is important to know where your electrical wires are attached before nailing up drywall, drilling or cutting into your walls. You should always wear a dust mask, goggles, work gloves, and protective clothing before proceeding with any repairs.

To start repair work on small holes from dings or dents scrape away any debris surrounding the hole. Use spackle to cover the hole making certain it is even with the surface. Wait 24 hours then sand the spackle smooth. A patch kit is effective for holes often created by a doorknob. The patch will be self-adhesive and you begin by placing it over the hole. Using a drywall knife apply a joint compound in a crisscross formation all over the patch. It will blend with the wall when you feather the edges. You may need another coat of compound when the patch has dried. Then sand the surface until it is smooth.

A California patch is required for holes six inches or larger. Cut your drywall into a square two inches bigger than the hole. Score the drywall an inch from the sides. Snap the gypsum off but do not touch the backing. With the patch over the hole trace the square of gypsum then cut it out. Apply a joint compound on the paper borders backside. Place the gypsum into the hole and the papers edges on the very edge of the hole. Cover the patch with the compound and feather the edges. You may require a second coat then sand smooth once dry.

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