Creating The Perfect Wall Rack is Easy

Creating the perfect wall rack is easy. It can also be budget friendly, depending on the types of materials used. Wall racks come in many different shapes and sizes. They can have hooks and shelves and can match every home’s décor. They can be made to look distressed or polished.

Many different materials will work well in creating the perfect wall rack. Pallet shelves are especially great for wall racks that will be used to hold books. It’s fairly easy to cut a pallet in half and then mount on the wall for a handy book nook. It may be necessary to add another piece of wood or two to hold the books. It can be left raw for a more rustic look or painted to match a room.

Wall racks can also be made to hang clothes by adding hooks to a shelf board. Another board can also be added to create a type of shelf to put baskets or Knick knacks on or simply left off if desired.

Another type of wall rack can be made of pegboard. Simply attach some pegboard to the wall and add pegs, brackets, and shelves to help organize an office, sewing room, or garage. The great thing is that the shelves can be adjusted. A quick coat or two of spray paint and it will look as if it was store-bought.

Wall racks can even be made to look more industrial with the use of galvanized plumbing parts and pipes. They are very easy to assemble and look really cool.

Every home should have at least one wall rack and even more than one to help keep things neat, accessible, and organized. There are many reasons why a wall rack is useful and necessary in keeping things organized, and they add character.