4 Thanksgiving Décor Ideas

Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving at your home or you just want to decorate for the holiday there are plenty of easy decor ideas to incorporate into your design. Many view Thanksgiving as the transition point from fall to Christmas. Some people will even be inclined to put up a Christmas tree for Thanksgiving. We’ll go over 4 simple designs that will easily transition from your fall decorations. Thanksgiving embraces fall things such as pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, roasted corn and root vegetables. Taking that into consideration as well as the horn of plenty, the most common colors to work with are cranberry red, orange and yellow.

1) Create a horn of plenty as a center piece for your dining table. You can use a standard horn or you can be creative and acquire a fun basket. Fill your horn or basket with small gourds, acorns, apples, fall leaves and flowers such as sunflowers and mums. You can either use fake products that you purchase from a crafting store or real ones. Just remember real ones will wilt and go bad so you will want to assemble this centerpiece on Thanksgiving if you are using it that day.

2) Decorate your home with the warm colors of fall. Use throw blankets and decorative pillows that utilize those fall colors. Plaid and flannel printed textiles also are a wonderful choice. You can even use these for kitchen and bathroom hand towels

3) Uncarved pumpkins make fabulous decorations for Thanksgiving. Place one on either side of your hearth if you have a fire place or leave a few on your front porch.

4) If you absolutely love Thanksgiving and want to have fun with decorating than you can pick up some fun turkey printed items. Window clings, fridge magnets and textiles with turkeys printed on them add a bit of whimsical to your decor.