10 Fall Décor Ideas

When decorating your home for fall there are many fun ideas that do not shout “Halloween”. For those who want to decorate for the season, not a holiday, there are plenty of options to create a comfortable and stylish design.

1) Choose colors that reflect the season. Red, Orange and Yellow are indicative of fall. Accessorize with these colors being used for table cloths, table runners, and throw blankets and throw pillows.

2) A decorative door wreath that is comprised of sunflowers, acorns, mums and leaves will provide the front of your home with stylish fall decor.

3) Pumpkins are great because they come in all sizes. Large pumpkins can be used outside and smaller ones can be arranged as center pieces or used as decorative accents

4) Leaf garland. This can be found at most hobby, big box and even dollar stores. String some along the top of a picture, mirror or door frame.

5) If you have existing glass candle holders, remove the candles and fill the holders with acorns. This brings outside fall nature inside.

6) Empty vases can be filled with fake leaves or even miniature gourds and pumpkins and these will make beautiful table accessories

7) Dress up a curbside mailbox with some potted mums and corn stalk. Simply tie or zip tie the cornstalk around the mail box post and then place the potted mums under the front of the box. You can get really creative here and put a pumpkin or two near the mums.

8) Fun fall cut outs of leaves, apples, acorns or pumpkins can be taped to the windows inside a house. If you have little kids let them help.

9) Scarecrows absolutely scream fall. You can make your own or purchase one and put it in a garden, in a flower bed or basically anywhere on your property.

10) Hay bales are great to use when decorating outside, a few near a flower garden or front porch with pumpkins and mums strategically placed will remind you of a pumpkin patch.