Picking the Correct Chandelier Size for a room When shopping for lighting options one will find many options in the lighting fixture department. Whether you go to a big box store, shop online, or go straight to a lighting specialty store you will need room dimensions. Take into consideration the room your chandelier is going to be hanging in. Will...
4 Thanksgiving Décor Ideas Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving at your home or you just want to decorate for the holiday there are plenty of easy decor ideas to incorporate into your design. Many view Thanksgiving as the transition point from fall to Christmas. Some people will even be inclined to put up a Christmas tree for Thanksgiving. We'll go...
10 Fall Décor Ideas When decorating your home for fall there are many fun ideas that do not shout "Halloween". For those who want to decorate for the season, not a holiday, there are plenty of options to create a comfortable and stylish design. 1) Choose colors that reflect the season. Red, Orange and Yellow are indicative of fall. Accessorize with...
Smart Refrigerators Bring The Future To Your Home And Keep Your Family Together There was a time when people were amazed with the invention of an ice cube maker. Today’s technology has far surpassed this invention with the smart refrigerator. These capabilities are amazing and with the use of internet access your refrigerator can recognize everything you have placed inside...


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